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Gina Bingley

MSc; MBACP; LNCP; Dip. Hyp; ISCH; EFT Practitioner




The human mind consists of two parts, the conscious and the subconscious. Most people are aware of the 20% that is the conscious mind but there is another 80% underneath which has amazing potential, and is often not used as well as it perhaps could be.


This is the little voice inside your head, the one that right now is saying "Oh yes, that little voice". It is the part you use to think with, all day long. It is very limited as it can only hold a limited number of thoughts or ideas at any one time. This is why, for example, many people can only memorise numbers in small chunks. 1943609315 is easier to remember as 194 (first chunk), 360 (second chunk) and 9315 (third chunk). On average the conscious mind can retain only between five and nine units of information at any one time. The conscious mind always analyses and sometimes criticises what it hears. It then acts accordingly.



Hypnosis accesses the sub-conscious mind. The subconscious mind contains all your wisdom, memories and intelligence. It is responsible for all the things that you don't have to think about. These include:

blood pressure

heartbeat rate

breathing rate

body temperature

things you have been trained to do


and lots more .............

People in hypnosis are not ‘asleep’. On the contrary, they are often more aware than usual of what is taking place, and their senses function far more efficiently than normal.

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